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Energy Types

Your Energy Type describes the unique way you're meant to operate in this world: your energy levels, energy patterns, and your ways of doing, resting, and, most importantly - where and how your energy reaps the most rewards and returns. Everyone has different ways they are meant to do things, and your Energy Type tells you your best one.


New Paradigm

According to Human Design, we are entering into a New World way of doing things. The gaps between space, time and motion are shortening. This literally means the consequences of our actions come quicker, distance is no longer an obstacle, and we can move mountains just using our minds.


Your Profile describes your personality - how you appear to yourself and others.  When you look up your Profile, you'll see it described as two numbers, such as 3/5 or 6/2. Each number describes a different component of who you are - the first one describes your inner self, how you are in your own self and the second describes your outer self, the way you show up to others.

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Living your purpose is meant to be ease-filled instead of constant push, force and hustle. These videos talk about how each energy type should get to their dream career no matter where you’re starting from right now. We cover strategies for whether you’re in a job you don’t love, in a job you feel stuck in, close to your dream but not quite there or just starting out.

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So many people who become passionate about Human Design can’t help but shout it from the rooftops to anyone and everyone they love. We created this gift card for when you want to help others understand themselves deeper – whether that’s with mastering their purpose, maximising their use of energy or improving their relationship to food, or gifting someone a one-on-one reading.