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Human Design says that before you came here, your soul decided who it wanted to be. The moment we are born we are already living as our highest self. In order to embody this Highest, most powerful self you don’t need to figure out how to become anything other than what you are – rather, it’s about unbecoming and unlearning all the things we were told we had to be in order to be loved, accepted or worthy. Underneath all this conditioning, from a soul level, you already your highest self. You just need to shed the layers to get back to being the very essence of you- this is what we call deconditioning.

This video is about the process of deconditioning anything in your chart, no matter what centres and gates you have defined, no matter what your conditioning, and no matter what your life situation. I hope this video serves you well and provides you with the tools to decondition, so you can live the life you were designed to live with ease and abundance.

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