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Sacral Authority for Generators and Manifesting Generators with a defined spleen

$30 USD

40 mins approx. - WATCHING TIME


Spleen and sacral colored in, solar plexus white

Each centre in your human design chart has wisdom and information to give you. However there’s one of your centres that’s the MVP – the one in charge of making all your life decisions. The problem with our current way of doing things is that we’ve all been taught to believe that our minds are in charge, but this only creates, anxiety, stress, disconnect and worry. For as long as we’re listening to the mind, we’ll never feel that we can trust ourselves to make the right decisions.
We are each supposed to be making decisions from a different energy centre, such as our gut, our instinct or our emotions, so that the mind can be free to do other things like observe life and develop our genius. As they say in Human Design when you listen to your inner authority, the world sees you as an outer authority

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