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Bundle of New Paradigm – Part 1 & 2

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Part 1 – According to Human Design, we are entering into a New World way of doing things. The gaps between space, time and motion are shortening. This literally means the consequences of our actions come quicker, distance is no longer an obstacle, and we can move mountains just using our minds. In the future, it will be normal to heal our illnesses just with a thought, to instantaneously get rid of emotional baggage just by deciding to, to reshape our bodies, and to communicate telepathically. To call matter into being. In this video, we’ll be explaining how we can bring this New Paradigm into our lives, as well as exploring the changes coming our way. If you’re alive right now, it’s because you chose to play a part in this giant shift, and because you ARE that powerful.

The only equipment you need is your mind and a willingness to believe in your limitlessness. We have also included a pdf of ideas so you can start applying the New Paradigm way of thinking.

Part 2 – Jenna Zoe gives a preview on what’s happening energetically in 2023 and how to prepare for it. The world is changing – fast. And we haven’t got time for the basic love and light spirituality anymore. We need grounded, doable things that actually help us grow. Our hope is to arm you with clear steps so that you can really, measurably ascend this year.

Topics covered:

  • The astrology of the year, Aquarian age energetics and how that affects you specifically
  • The Human Design predictions for the lead up to 2027 – and what’s coming
  • Quantum physics predictions on this year and how that should affect your consciousness
  • How to actually grow as a person rather than just get caught in the fluffy self-help trend and how your life will shape shift accordingly
  • Sitting with your heart
  • How to makes changes more quickly (because gaps between cause and effect are shortening)
  • Reframing ‘Manifesting’
  • Changing your subconscious
  • Working WITH your fears and not against them
  • When to do healing and how to actually do it so that it lasts
  • Creating a job that doesn’t yet exist
  • Soul wants vs ego wants and how to tell the difference
  • When you’re spiritually growing vs just doing spiritual things
  • The equation of change
  • What NOT to pay attention to this year; break ups, celebrity culture, government culture

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