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Deep Dive into Purpose, Health, Relationships

$89 USD


This class is a recording of a 3 hour live video call, moderated by Krista and Lindsey from Almost30, that goes into detail about four of the most asked about areas from our community covering:


  • The Ego Centre – what it can tell you about your motivation
  • What gates 1, 2, 8, 11 26, 44, 47 and 64 can say about your business style


  • How being the best partner you can be is simpler than we make it
  • The Throat centre and conflict
  • Navigating as Emotionals and Non-Emotionals


  • Qualities in your chart that can tell you about your ideal eating style
  • Work outs and sleep for your type

 Personal Development

  • Overcoming the fears you’re born with
  • Eliminating anxiety

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