Level 2 Reader Training

Nine hours of online training in the Human Design fundamentals for anyone wishing to integrate HD into their existing business as a coach, therapist, nutritionist, or any other healing or self-help modality.

Please note you are required to take Level 1 Reader Training before moving on to Level 2

$650 USD
12 hours - WATCHING TIME

This course covers:


–  The 64 Lines

– The 36 Channels

– The 6 different ways that each gate can be expressed

– Difference between personality gates and design gates

– Basics of the arrows

– Overview of Incarnation Crosses

– Exploring the synergy between different lines and gates

– Circuitry

– Putting it all together (all the information from Level 1 and 2) so that the chart can tell you a story of who the person really is

– How to structure a reading


$650 USD