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  • Definitions & Circuitry

    Definitions & Circuitry

    60 mins approx. - watching time

    This class focuses on all the definitions (whether you are single, double split, triple split or quadruple split definition) and what these mean for your chart and how to optimise them. We also go into circuitry which means combining the flow of all your different energy centres to understand how to link them all together. […]

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  • Deep Tissue cleansing

    Deep Tissue cleansing

    90 mins approx. - watching time

    This class is to help you decide on your ideal healthy eating plan. It covers the simple, basic truths on what makes a plan healthy or not healthy. How to discern the pros and cons of any plan. What makes a plan cleansing or not. The effect of different macro nutrients in the body. Finding […]

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  • Emptying Out

    Emptying Out

    90 mins approx. - watching time

    A term I coined to describe getting rid of all the ‘stuff’ we pick up through our white open centres from the outside world. The places where we’re white are the places where we’re wise and empathic, but if we hold on to all this external stuff and keep it in those centres, it’s like […]

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  • Deconditioning


    90 mins approx - watching time

    Human Design says that before you came here, your soul decided who it wanted to be. The moment we are born we are already living as our highest self. In order to embody this Highest, most powerful self you don’t need to figure out how to become anything other than what you are – rather, […]

  • Non Specific Manifesting

    Non Specific Manifesting

    90 mins approx. - watching time

    Take a look at the bottom right hand arrow to the right of your Human Design chart: does it point to the right? If so, you’re what I call a non-specific Manifestor. (This can apply to all the energy types and does not relate to whether you are a Manifestor Energy Type or not). The […]

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