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  • New Paradigm – Part 1

    New Paradigm – Part 1

    75 mins approx. - watching time

    According to Human Design, we are entering into a New World way of doing things. The gaps between space, time and motion are shortening. This literally means the consequences of our actions come quicker, distance is no longer an obstacle, and we can move mountains just using our minds. In the future, it will be […]

  • New Paradigm – Part 2

    New Paradigm – Part 2

    2 hours 45 mins - watching time

    Jenna Zoe gives a preview on what’s happening energetically in 2023 and how to prepare for it. The world is changing – fast. And we haven’t got time for the basic love and light spirituality anymore. We need grounded, doable things that actually help us grow. Our hope is to arm you with clear steps so that you can really, measurably ascend this year.

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  • Love & Human Design (Relationships in the New Paradigm)

    Love & Human Design (Relationships in the New Paradigm)

    4 hrs 15 mins - watching time

    Our connections to each other are what underlies everything in life. How do we make them the most rewarding, loving, and ripe for growth as possible?

    Jenna discusses Love & Human Design and the future of relationships in the New Paradigm.

  • Bundle of New Paradigm – Part 1 & 2

    Bundle of New Paradigm – Part 1 & 2

    4 hours - watching time

    Bundle of both New Paradigm courses

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