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  • Manifestor Energy Type

    Manifestor Energy Type

    40 mins approx. - watching time

    The first place to start when you’re learning about your human design is your energy type – this is how you’re designed to interact and exchange energy with the world around you, whether that be with people, your purpose, or the things that life puts on your path. When we’re using our energy correctly, there […]

  • Eating for Manifestors

    Eating for Manifestors

    45 mins approx. - watching time

    Since your Energy Type governs everything you put energy into in your life, it can tell us a lot about the way you were designed to eat, move and sleep. There’s so much noise out there about the way we should do these things, whereas when you learn to do them based on your Type […]

  • Purpose for Manifestors

    Purpose for Manifestors

    35 mins approx. - watching time

    Living your purpose is meant to be ease-filled instead of constant push, force and hustle. These videos talk about how each energy type should get to their dream career no matter where you’re starting from right now. We cover strategies for whether you’re in a job you don’t love, in a job you feel stuck […]

  • Digestion & Sense

    Digestion & Sense

    20-25 mins - watching time

    These customised videos cover two important elements; your digestion and your strongest sense.

  • Parenting


    100 mins approx. - watching time

    Human Design has real culture shifting potential when it comes to parenting because we now have the ability to see kids for who they are and raise them according to that, rather than raise them according to how society thinks they should be. In order to parent correctly there are three components; seeing yourself, seeing […]

  • Relationships


    45 mins approx. - watching time

    It’s an amazing feeling when you get to know your own chart and discover yourself. But what’s even more rewarding is getting to know how you can then interact with and support the people around you. Of course, the most concentrated form of dynamic is a romantic relationship and this is the one where there […]

  • Deconditioning


    90 mins approx - watching time

    Human Design says that before you came here, your soul decided who it wanted to be. The moment we are born we are already living as our highest self. In order to embody this Highest, most powerful self you don’t need to figure out how to become anything other than what you are – rather, […]

  • Non Specific Manifesting

    Non Specific Manifesting

    90 mins approx. - watching time

    Take a look at the bottom right hand arrow to the right of your Human Design chart: does it point to the right? If so, you’re what I call a non-specific Manifestor. (This can apply to all the energy types and does not relate to whether you are a Manifestor Energy Type or not). The […]

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  • Fine Tuning Your Purpose

    Fine Tuning Your Purpose

    1 hour 30 mins - watching time

    Recorded Live on 7th April 2020 Jenna chatting with our community and answering questions about Fine Tuning Your Purpose Note: all sales of this video are final, please ensure you have selected the correct one The original content is the copyright of Jenna Zoe Ltd and may not be used or reproduced without our prior […]

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