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Audio Melissa Ambrosini – Discover your True Self using Human Design with Jenna Zoe

Discover Your True Self Using Human Design With Jenna Zoe

Who are you, really? And what were you put on this planet to do? Some people might spend a lifetime searching for these answers, but a powerful system called Human Design can reveal in *seconds* what it is that makes you tick. In today’s episode, Jenna Zoe — a world-renowned Human Design practitioner — is here to pull back the curtain on this astonishingly accurate system and show us how it can change our lives forever…

Human Design has been called the intersection between science and spirituality. Fusing elements of astrology with other ancient traditions like the Hindu chakras, the Chinese iChing, and Kabbalah’s Tree of Life, it’s a life-transforming system to map your true nature and purpose here on earth.

Jenna Zoe is a leading Human Design expert with a unique approach to reading charts and helping people understand themselves on a soul level. She has created a library of online programs which enable people to find a deeper understanding of their type and how it influences their lives. She is also the host of the Reframe with Jenna Zoe podcast (which you should definitely check out!).