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Audio IGNTD Sophie and Adi Jaffe – Harnessing the wisdom of Human Design with Jenna Zoe

Today we have a fantastic conversation with our good friend, Jenna Zoë. Jenna is one of those people who’s a light to be around, she brings out the best in others, and is unapologetically herself.

Jenna’s work in Human Design is incredibly interesting — she enters in someone’s birth time, their location of birth, and birthday to generate a chart that helps her understand and read what someone’s purpose in life may be along with their inherent strengths.

We get in pretty deep this episode and she gives a reading of Sophie and the kids (including Noah!) We also talk about our spiritual learning experiences; the importance of discovering and experimenting with different spiritual practices; how to use spiritual tools in a beneficial, positive way; and how to leverage outside influences to positively affect your energy and mood.