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Xenia Viray

Xenia Viray

$222 USD

Xenia Marie Ross Viray is an intuitive entrepreneur, energy healer, artist, writer and Human Design reader with a background in fashion, writing, and community creation.



18 Questions with Xenia Viray


Xenia Marie Ross Viray is an intuitive entrepreneur, energy healer, artist, writer and Human Design reader with a background in fashion, writing, and community creation. She believes that self-expression, spiritual seeking and creating the life you want are interconnected, and that Human Design is one of many ways to get closer to what you already know: that you were put on this planet to bring through your own authentic magic. She specializes in holding space for inner child healing, deconditioning from the capitalist mindset, and learning to be your own safe space. She is currently researching multidimensional cosmologies and their intersection with indigenous wisdom. Based in New York, she offers services in-person as well as online. She loves plants, animals, people and snacks, and her hope is that all sacred beings align with their soul’s mission.


“Xenia has such a natural gift at breaking down complex ideas and relating them into a tangible form. Her sensitivity allows for a deep, mindful delivery, so rooted in her intuition. I left our time together feeling seen, heard, and empowered to live life in ways I hesitated before. A magical, heartfelt experience.” -Elyse Amanda

“My session with Xenia was truly eye opening and an energetic up level. She helped me make sense of myself and the way that I process/operate; my current experience became clear and a path forward presented immediately. She held space with true compassion and I noticed a shift in myself/my life immediately. Xenia is a gem…she has the gift of helping clients open the window to their soul.” – Stephanie A

“My reading with Xenia was time and money well spent. This was my first reading that felt like a dialogue, which was way more enjoyable than having someone talk at me for 75 minutes straight. She would share things that helped draw me out and then we would jam on the bits that really resonated. Xenia was funny, warm, inviting and direct. She is knowledgeable while also letting herself be moved by a deeper intelligence. I left my session feeling validated by confirmation of things I already knew, energized by learning new things about myself, and inspired by a fresh perspective on things I knew but couldn’t quite hear or accept in the past.” – Marissa Ward

“Xenia is a sweet angel on Earth. MG energy was comin’ through strong in our session together & she was able to clearly articulate what I needed to hear. I felt Xenia was speaking directly to my higher self and it felt like a mix of someone reading my HD chart and infusing intuitive insights into the experience as well. Plus, takeaway notes? Hell ya. I have read those almost every week since.”

“I absolutely loved my HD reading experience with Xenia! So much so that I went on to recommend her to my sister and also our mom. We were able to share the recordings of each of our HD readings to better understand and honor each others’ natures as a family. As a Filipino-American, I initially chose Xenia for my reading specifically because of her Filipinx ethnicity. The reading ended up being even more than I anticipated, and I felt so lucky to be able to find someone on your readers’ page who reflected and represented me.”

“My reading with Xenia was so informative! Thank you all”

$222 USD