Victoria Jane

Victoria guides growth-oriented folx to use their Human Design to live with less hustle and more flow.


$247 USD


As a 6/2 splenic Projector based in California, Victoria is passionate about supporting people to live with less hustle and more flow.

After a decade in Silicon Valley achieving everything she thought she was supposed to – a coveted career, great salary, and all the free snacks, she was earthquaked into the harsh reality: she was burnt out and in danger of doing irreparable damage to her health. As she searched for how to heal not just her body, but her spirit, she discovered Human Design.

Learning her unique design changed her life. It reconnected her back living in alignment with her energy and intuition (which she’d forgotten how to do despite all the “self care” she did). It gave her permission to let go of the “shoulds”, until bit by bit, she felt brave enough to shake off my old conditioning and take the plunge: She quit her corporate job and started living life on her own terms.

From this experience, she is passionate about sharing Human Design with others so they can boldly live their truth.

When she’s not guiding others, Victoria spends her time practicing yoga/dance/meditation, playing with her dog, and camping/climbing in the Sierras.

$247 USD