Tianna Grey

Tianna is a heart-centered compassion crusader whose focus is rooted in radical self acceptance. In addition to Human Design readings (and in typical MG style), she is also a freelance photographer as well as a support sorceress to a fiercely soulful racial justice educator.

$225 USD


Hi, I’m Tianna! At the risk of sounding dramatic…Human Design changed my life. The (re)discovery of self shook me and with it came a new-found compassion for myself. And what a gift that homecoming has been! To see myself through non-partial eyes; a glimpse into who I am at the core of my being (and clues as to how to work with what I’ve got!). When I started experimenting with the tools of Human Design, my outer world began shifting before my eyes. Life became so much sweeter!

Not to say every person’s experience with Human Design may be as profound as mine…but also, what if it was? Without a doubt there are insights to be gleaned for each and every one of us and you are no exception. I want this for you too. One of my favourite things about Human Design is its ability to cut through the external noise and illuminate exactly who we are, who our soul came here to be. It’s in this unveiling that we can experience deep peace, acceptance, and compassion for ourselves and others.

This is where my approach to Human Design is firmly rooted: compassion. In my experience, when we deepen our awareness of ourselves, of our true being, we simultaneously begin to soften to others. Our ability to be compassionate stems from this awareness; and, when we offer compassion to ourselves, we then open the possibility to hold compassion for others in a real way. And the world needs more of that. Remember: Human Design isn’t here to put you in a box. It’s here to expand you into the most limitless version of yourself. This is what I am so lit-up about, guiding people back to themselves, not some version of who they think they need to be.

$225 USD