Taylor Khoury

Taylor’s on a mission to remind and reawaken you to your own inner voice and power to transform the quality of your life. She sees your chart as the map of your soul.


$250 USD


Taylor is a mom, storyteller and guide living in Golden, Colorado with her toddler son. The main focus of her work is using Human Design for empowerment by guiding people to discover the deepest truths that lie within them, by reflecting and reminding them of who they really are.

Growing up in the Panhandle of Texas, Taylor craved experiences beyond the cows and buried Cadillac’s she grew up around and started traveling from a very young age. It sparked her self-discovery and opened her eyes to the real world. From meditation and hiking in India, backpacking through Europe and Japan, volunteering in orphanages in Russia, Guatemala and Haiti – Taylor experienced the value of being open and present in each moment. She’s worked with gurus, master yoga teachers, healers, coaches and mentors supporting her with practices to learn to live from her truth and own inner wisdom.

Early in her twenties she went through a deep loss and multiple identity-shifting experiences that rocked the foundation of her life, broke her heart open, and brought her to a depth of understanding around the impermanence of life. Human Design was the key that helped her understand her own framework and gain tools to navigate life and its myriad challenges with clarity. It was the missing piece to all of her years of self-discovery practices. De-conditioning and understanding how to free her Generator sparkle transformed her life. It was the medicine her mind, body and spirit needed.  She knows exactly what it feels like to abandon your own truth and knows first hand the power of reconnecting to your own inner voice to live free.

Taylor’s on a mission to remind and reawaken you to your own inner voice and power to transform the quality of your life. She uses your chart as the map to hold a mirror to your soul and reflect your unique self back to you. With the combination of her strong intuition, life experience, and trainings in the healing arts; she brings her whole heart to her work. She currently spends her days with her son in Colorado exploring nature, sharing Human Design full-time and is also writing her first book.


“Taylor is incredible! I had high expectations which she surpassed. I felt so connected to Taylor and what she was telling me about myself. Though it was new information, it all felt very true to me/who I am/how I operate. She gave me such beautiful guidance and practical, applicable advice on how to move through life. I’m now taking time to put her words into practice and live more according to my design.”

“My reading with Taylor was great! I’ve watched I think all of the videos on the site that pertain to my chart, so I asked her to skip all the basic stuff and jump right into my gates and channels. She totally rolled with it and handled it like a pro. I was so happy with my reading because we were able to get super specific with my chart in a way that I haven’t been able to do by my own research. I couldn’t be happier with my reading with Taylor and have already recommended her to some friends!!”

“The reading I had with Taylor was awesome. She is truly a gifted, intuitive person that was spot on with my reading! It has helped me understand the way I work, my overall energy and diet as well, it was truly worth the investment!”

“My Human Design Reading with Taylor was amazing! You can tell she is authentically really lit up about HD and that energy came through in my reading in the best way! She dove straight into the aspects of my chart that are special and specific to me and gave me practical steps that would help things flow a bit better for me. The HD system may seem complicated at first but Taylor made it clear and relatable.”

$250 USD