Shayna Cornelius & Dana Stiles

Best friends and conscious entrepreneurs, Shayna and Dana offer in-depth readings together in a 2-on-1 session specializing in career and life purpose. This allows clients to receive two perspectives on their chart!

$366 USD


Shayna and Dana are passionate about all things Human Design. As best friends, they turned their passion for Human Design into a career path of empowering others in self acceptance and self discovery. Spiritual podcast hosts and conscious business owners, Dana and Shayna specialize in guiding their clients on individual life purpose, career, and soul entrepreneurship! During a reading you meet with both Shayna and Dana so you can get not only both of their perspectives, but also both of their energies amplifying support for your path.


“I chose Shayna and Dana to do my reading because I loved that they were best friends and their Instagram really spoke to me. Going into the reading, I was excited and was looking for direction on how to navigate my career and myself through all these difficult times. Shayna and Dana made me feel incredibly comfortable and I was able to share a bit about myself and my career so my reading felt personalized. I heard what I needed to hear, and sometimes what I didn’t ‘want’ but needed to hear! I’ve taken time to re-listen to our reading – so much of what was said I knew, but having two strangers affirm it gave me a lot of confidence. I would love to follow up a few months from now when I can really look back and connect the dots.”

“Shayna & Dana gave a beautiful reading. It was validating, expansive, and thorough, and related to my personal life, business, and soul purpose. I’ve already referred my best friend and 4 clients. I highly recommend them!”

“Shayna and Dana were warm, inviting, fun, energetic, super prepared, clear and empathic. They explained my design and showed me how to respond, to take pause and to have fun. Their examples were great and felt just right, and they tapped into mechanisms that I recognized and felt empowered to apply. I understand myself better and can start to live according to my design.”

$366 USD