Sean Murphy

Every reading Sean does is about explaining human design to the client in a way that is easy to understand and tells them how they can start living their design immediately.


$215 USD


Sean grew up in Orange County, California but has spent the last 4 years living and working in Latin America. She graduated from UCLA in 2015 with a degree in Environmental Studies. After working several jobs in different fields that left her feeling unsatisfied, Sean discovered human design. At the time, she had been so conditioned by society and had forgotten that her joy was always guiding her in life. Human design realigned her with her truest self and always brings her home.

In 2020, Sean connected deeply with her intuitive gifts. She completed an intensive apprenticeship and has become a certified clairvoyant healer. Every reading she does is a fusion of her human design expertise, healing tools, and clairvoyant/ intuitive gifts. You’ll learn about your chart, discuss future choices that will elevate your life, and ultimately realign with your soul’s essence and purpose.

Along with being a chart reader, Sean is starting her own eco-friendly surf and beachwear line. She is very passionate about helping the environment and creating a sustainable world. To Sean, human design aligns seamlessly with this vision. She believes we can only create a loving, sustainable world when we are all living our designs, doing what we love, and enjoying the wonderful gifts we have within.

It is important to Sean that human design is applicable, empowering, and liberating. Every reading she does is about explaining human design to the client in a way that is easy to understand and tells them how they can start living their design immediately. She takes care to frame everything as a strength because the beauty of human design is that all parts of our charts are strengths.


“I let my intuition choose my reader and it was Sean…she delivered in such a cool way. she was great at reading the chart, but more than that and more importantly, she knew how to make that information make sense for me.”

“Sean is a gifted and insightful reader, not only able to help people understand their human design but also how to incorporate it to enhance their lives. Sean helped me to uncover my superpowers, unique gifts, and strengths and shared tips on how to integrate them into my everyday life. During my reading, Sean painted a painstakingly accurate depiction of my soul’s journey in this life. She also provided me with a roadmap to help me embody these unique aspects, including a personal mantra, resources, and expanders — all helping me to continue this discovery well after the reading. As I am beginning to incorporate Sean’s revelations and practise using my strategy and authority correctly, my life is starting to flow and flourish with more ease and grace.”

“My reading with Sean was amazing and an experience I will never forget. I went into the reading knowing a lot about my energy makeup but I left knowing so much more about myself. Sean explained everything on my chart through my actual life situation – work and personal. She was amazing and her energy was everything. We connected so well and I’m very grateful for that.”

“Quite simply, it was profound. Over the past decade, I have been doing a lot of digging, searching and poking around to uncover a better understanding of myself. My reading with Sean was instantly transformative, bridging some unknowns in new ways. Sean has a beautiful and personable way of expressing Human Design. She had a lot of wisdom to share and she listened intently and with an open heart. I felt seen, understood and honored.”

$215 USD