Lisa Lavoie

Come home to your body — where your true intelligence, intuition and life are waiting for you. You have your own map, tools, and lessons for this lifetime. Your energetic design lays all that out for you in a very practical way.


$197 USD


We’ve been told a lot of things. We’ve been given common advice like:  “Have an idea and make it happen”, “Finish what you start”, “Everyone has to do things they don’t like”, ”Success requires struggle and sacrifice”, “You just need more willpower”, “You need a 5 step morning routine”, and “Go Paleo”. That’s not the way the world works for anyone — so we’ve got a lot of people trying to be who they AREN’T, to get things they don’t actually WANT, with info that CAN’T work for them. That’s a painful and exhausting way to live — creating side effects like burnout, stuck-ness, chronic illness, anxiety, depression, and addictions.

There is no ONE right way. You have your own map, tools, and lessons for this lifetime. Your energetic design lays all that out for you in a very practical way.

My top 3 favorite things about using Human Design:

  1. Practical simplicity — Hands down the most simple and practical system I’ve seen to tap people back into who they are and to give them their own set of tools to create real change in their life.
  2. Start here — You don’t need to dig into your childhood or past lives for answers (unless you love that stuff!). You can just start to apply your energy correctly today and allow things to align and heal from today forward.
  3. UN-becoming — It’s not about fixing, which implies you were broken. You are already who you are. You are already a unique system with its own box of tools. There is nothing to TRY to be. It’s effortless to be you! It’s more of an UN-learning of who you are NOT, to allow who you already are… to emerge.

I would love to show you who you really are.

Lisa has been a Naturopathic Doctor for 20 years, with a focus on the energetic, psychological and physical elements of returning women to their bodies to heal their life — instead of trying to find answers outside themselves. She is a transplanted Canadian living in Maine and a Dog Mom to her special-needs dog Smidgen.


“As a newcomer to My Human Design, Lisa really helped me pull out my topside information and come away with three themes from my chart to continue to work with to create more joy. She gave me some great tips on how to practice listening to my authority. I highly recommend booking a reading as it will form a foundation for your future explorations. There is so much information to mine from your chart I cannot recommend an in person reading highly enough. It is truly an investment in your journey!”

“I am so pleased with my reading with Lisa. She kept the information flowing and explained my design in real life terms and how you’re meant to function and the reason you don’t feel the ease/flow/joy is because you’re living outside your design. Now I can let my mind relax and live in the wonder and curiosity that I’m designed to live in. I’m excited to see where life takes me now. I wish I had booked a reading sooner rather than trying to figure out things on my own. “



$197 USD