Ilona Barnhart

Ilona lives to blend tonics of insight and inspiration from multiple sources to create something entirely new, a new sort of medicine.


$250 USD


Originally from Zakopane Poland, Ilona is an artist, healer, and teacher, living her best life by the sea in Southern California.

Before her move to the west coast, Ilona lived in Chicago where she studied Cultural Anthropology as well as Photography. During this time she would spend her Wednesday nights learning/rehearsing and weekends performing with a West African Drum Ensemble called The Low End Theory. This is also where she met her husband.

Together they packed up their life in Chicago, including their photography business, and transplanted to Southern California – where almost everything changed. One kismet occurrence after another (like stepping stones) led Ilona on a path to teaching yoga, studying nutrition, as well as becoming a Human Design Reader.

In ture manifesting generator style Ilona lives to blend all of her life experiences to concoct truly unique and inspirational insights that uplift and encourage. Her readings are like a well rounded recipe. All ingredients are measured out intuitively with a little bit of something special added just for you, that is as unique as your chart, the outcome? Confidence in your next steps to living in alignment and fulfillment in all areas of your life, you’ll learn how to connect with and then create your best life.


$250 USD